Prophet: The Hatmaker’s Son


By Douglas Gillies

In this dramatic authorized biography, Robert Muller discovered on the battlefield that he was destined to be a peacemaker. On the night of the liberation of Lyon, Muller stood by a cemetery weeping for the young people whose lives were taken during his service in the Resistance. That night he swore he would devote his life to peace. After World War II, Muller dedicated his life to the United Nations, where he initiated economic and social programs that changed the world.


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Robert Muller is recognized as one of the great peacemakers of the 20th century. He started out as the modest son of a poor hatmaker and was trained to follow in his father’s footsteps. Life was simple in the French village of Sarreguemines in the 1930’s, but as the tide turned to war, German teens started marching in formation across the Sarre River from Robert’s home. In May 1940, Adolph Hitler invaded France and declared that all residents of Robert’s village were now Germans. For the next three years, Robert maneuvered to avoid being drafted into the Nazi army while he studied Goethe, Schiller, and Descartes at the University of Heidelberg and learned to think like a global citizen. He even harnessed the power of his mind to induce appendicitis on the day before he was to be drafted. When all other options ran out, he fled to Vichy, France, on a midnight freight train, changed his name and joined the French Resistance.

Hardcover 288 pages
Signed by Robert Muller and Robert Gillies
Publisher: East Beach Press; 1st edition (2003)
ISBN: 0-9702705-3-4


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