Zero: The Case for Nuclear Weapons Abolition


By David Krieger

ZERO is a collection of short essays that together make a strong case for the urgent abolition of nuclear weapons.



Paperback, 166 pages
Publisher: Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, 2013
ISBN: 978-1478342847

“David Krieger is a realist. The human race is not sustainable with the clear and present menace of nuclear weapons. Unthinking careerists continue with the psuedorealism of deterrence. But Krieger’s wise and urgent book makes an ironclad case for abolition now. In the meantime, we all live with pending vaporization. Any decision to use these genocidal tools cannot and will not be made democratically. The devastation could come from a deranged individual or from a nation-state. In either case, it could still be one person’s whim by error, drunkenness, insanity or the ‘banality of evil.’ Let us never permit the media to refer to delusional enablers as realists. The call for abolition by David Krieger must be received as a mission by each citizen of this planet. Once accepted, that mission to abolish nuclear weapons will be a prelude to abolishing war.”

Blase Bonpane, Co-founder and Director, Office of the Americas

“David Krieger has summarized ina heart-rending discourse the reasons why it is imperative for the human race to dismantle its nuclear arsenals. Reason, intellect and sheer emotional imperatives are outlined in this lovely little discourse on the history and the sheer insanity of the nuclear age. Read it and you will be inspired by the imperative to immediately and without delay engage in the most important task that presently faces the human race, indeed all of biological existence – the rapid abolition of all nuclear arsenals led by the powerful and indomitable United States of America.”

Helen Caldicott, Australian pediatrician, author and anti-nuclear activist

“My fervent wish is that Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin would read this short book and discover a new meaning to their lives: a mission to use their leadership and power – not later in their lives but now while they are in office, and not with words and “hopes” alone but with new action-policies – to lift the curse of nuclear weapons from the earth. Other readers – leaders, children, parents, voters, activists – whatever else they are doing, will feel that same new added calling as they experience the luminous, quietly passionate prose and poetry of this appeal to humanity.”

Daniel Ellsberg, Distinguished Senior Fellow, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation

“This excellent book by David Krieger is a must read for those who wish to understand the roots of nuclear weapons and background of their development and proliferation to the nine countries in the ‘nuclear club.’ We are reminded of human fallibilities and of the extreme dangers of such omnicidal weapons in our midst. Presidents Obama and Putin would give great hope and leadership to the world if they acted urgently to rid the world of nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction.”

Mairead Maguire, Nobel Peace Laureate

“With the grace of a poet, logic of a scientist, expertise of a policy-maker, skill of a communicator, and passion for life, David Krieger persists with creative tenacity to awaken us all to act urgently to abolish nuclear weapons for human and planetary survival.”

Glenn Paige, Chair, Governing Council, Center for Global Nonkilling

“Nuclear weapons threaten all of God’s creation. Ridding the world of these weapons is our moral responsibility to ourselves, our families, our communities and all life. It is also our responsibility to future generations. We must not wait for another Hiroshima or Nagasaki before we act. This book makes a clear and persuasive case for why we must move urgently and globally to zero nuclear weapons. It should be required reading for all citizens of Earth.”

Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Nobel Peace Laureate


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