Kissing Joy As It Flies


Edited by David E. Russell

Kissing Joy as it Flies: Living in Eternity’s Sunrise is an oral history that tells the life story of Frank King Kelly, a co-founder of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation.



Frank Kelly lived an extraordinary life that covered most of the 20th century. His spirit of optimism touched the lives of countless people. He was a science fiction writer, a reporter, a citizen soldier, a speech writer for President Truman, an assistant to the Senate Majority Leader, a vice president of the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions, and a founder and senior vice president of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation. Into his tenth decade of life he continued to be a fount of new and innovative ideas. He believed that humanity has a great future if we can put aside our differences and grasp the essential miracle of life. His life and spirit inspired confidence that a better, more peaceful world is possible. Kissing Joy as it Flies – Living in Eternity’s Sunrise is a reflection of Frank’s life, and a small collection of his writings.

Paperback 566 pages
Publisher: Terry and Mary Kelly, 2008
ISBN: 9780615260020


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