The Nuclear Age Peace Foundation condemns in the strongest possible way, Russia’s illegal and illegitimate invasion of Ukraine. We stand with the brave people of Ukraine, and with the brave dissidents in Russia advocating for peace. We also urge the Russian people, the American people, and the people of all other nations to do their utmost to condemn this conflict and to prevent its escalation, which could include the use of nuclear weapons. The fate of the world depends upon it.

As the Ukraine War continues, its brutality has horrified the world and its dangers have forced a great and unpredictable shift in history. There is reason to worry, reason to mourn, but also reason to hope. We are inspired and encouraged by the deep wisdom of moral and spiritual figures such as Pope Francis, the Dalai Lama, and Antonio Guterres who have been calling for a world free of nuclear weapons for a long time now. Most recently, they have all been pleading with the parties to the conflict since the onset of the Ukraine War to search for peaceful solutions that stop the killing and start the healing. We must do everything we can to keep the war in Ukraine from escalating into a nuclear war – a war that threatens all life on the planet. We must wake up before it is too late.

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The Nuclear Age Peace Foundation has written a Declaration of Concern, regarding the Ukraine War. Please sign the petition and share it widely with your friends and colleagues. Check back in with us as we pledge to do our utmost to organize a civil society tribunal with the authority to pronounce upon the nuclear dimensions of the Ukraine War and global crisis on the basis of law, morality, and spiritual core of human identity.


NAPF presents an ongoing series of discussions on the nuclear dangers in Ukraine. We’ll be highlighting different aspects of the conflict including the dangers of escalation of nuclear weapons use, the humanitarian consequences of an ongoing war, the legal and illegal aspects of the war under international law, and the environmental impacts of the war. The first three discussions can be viewed here.