Dream of a Nation

A vital tool for building our future, this work is both eye-opening and inspiring. Alice Walker sums it up well in her assertion that “Dream of a Nation offers hundreds of ideas and examples of how smart, committed, and daring we can be.” Offering a laser-focus on solutions, Dream of a Nation restores faith that we can solve our current looming environmental, economic and societal challenges.



If you want be a part of the critical effort to build a better America, then Dream of a Nation is for you.

Over three years in the making and with contributions from more than 60 pioneering visionaries and organizations, a comprehensive path forward is presented across a range of key issues including: Building an Equitable and Green Economy, Waging Peace, Strengthening Community , Media Reform, People-Centered Government, Ending Poverty, and much more. It is everyday citizens who make this nation great and the critical information found in Dream of a Nation empowers you with what you need to be an agent of change.

100% of the proceeds support over 60 organizations and leaders within the civil society movement.


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