From where does this good name arise that we are content to sacrifice and value war above that we love far more?

Is it tales of glory and yet bolder lies wrapped in flags and mythic warrior lore that lead our children off to war?

If war is the best we can devise to give meaning to our lives and touch our core, are we not then truly lost?

Would that we could recognize that this false good name of futile war comes with a fierce debilitating cost.

Does the wearisome brutality of war bring us comfort, seem a cure? In such a world can love endure?

Pity that we live with war, pity that we send our children off to die among the rats, among the flies.

For rippling flags and lowly lies we hide the truth of what’s in store, preserving the good name of war.

David Krieger is President of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation (, and a leader in the global effort to abolish nuclear weapons.