Historically as a fact and as a chapter in Encyclopedias, the so-called Cold War drew to a close in the last years of the 80’s and the early 90’s.

To celebrate that epic event, bells were rung, walls were destroyed, books and poems were written, movies were made to announce the beginning of a “new peace era”. Basically, two decades have passed and in the last years, mostly during the present Bush administration, the key elements for the bellicose situation have been revived.

We are entering into a new nuclear arms race. The sword has been pulled out of the old armoire. The rhetoric of the perennial accusations resounds one more time. “You are the one”, “No, you are the one”. The conditions to deteriorate even more the precarious peace are popping up all over.

In the most recent events, Mr. Vladimir Putin, the now Prime Minister of Russia accused the US government of orchestrating the rebellion in Georgia for political gains during the US Presidential campaign. For many, these remarks are simply untrue, for others, it is possible. Once again the world starts to be divided into two fronts.

What is it in human nature that lures us so often and so rapidly to jump from one conflict to the next? Is peace simply a pause between two wars? Is there a real possibility to live in concord?

What are we teaching our children, when they read the History of Humankind, and they only see wars as the most important events? The military is the most heroic status in society. It is “so cool” to see the parade of war paraphernalia; soldiers, missiles, airplanes, nuclear bombs.

If you oppose that way of thinking you will be labeled a pacifist. And in the political lexicon that means you are an appeaser. In the era of Rambo and Terminator that is not fashionable.

As long as we continue piling the nuclear arsenals the world will be playing Russian roulette. Minor quarrels could become major conflicts and will threaten the use of the ultimate weapons of mass destruction.

We need to convince our governments, those with Nuclear weapons to get rid of the Armageddon weaponry forever. But first, we need to convince ourselves that the elimination of nuclear weapons is not just a dream.

More than ever we must unite forces, to put to work the best minds looking for real and permanent solutions, not only bandages for deep open wounds.

The Appeal to the next US President is a powerful tool. Let’s work together and collect all the signatures we can. Let’s flood Washington with names from all over the world.

Ruben Arvizu is Director for Latin America for the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation (www.wagingpeace.org). He is coordinating the Appeal to the Next US President campaign in Latin America.