The news of resumption of nuclear testing by India has not come as a surprise to us. For the past 24 years, Pakistan had consistently drawn the attention of the international community to India’s nuclear aspirations. the duplicity surrounding India’s political pronouncements and its clandestine nuclear weapons programme was also pointed out. The Prime Minister of Pakistan had recently drawn the attention of the international community particularly states permanent members of the United Nations Security Council regarding Indian plans to induct nuclear weapons.

Pakistan’s repeated reminders to the international community particularly to the leaders of the states permanent members of the Security Council unfortunately did not receive attention that they merited.

The international community has, in fact, by adopting a dismissive approach encouraged India to achieve its nuclear aspirations.

The responsibility for dealing a death blow to the global efforts at nuclear non-proliferation rests squarely with India.

Pakistan reserves the right to take all appropriate measures for its security.

The Prime Minister has assured the people of Pakistan that Pakistan defence would be made impregnable against any Indian threat be it nuclear or conventional.