At a press conference today, President Donald Trump said, “I want to do the right thing for the American people, and to be honest, secondarily, I want to do the right thing for the world.” Trump said this in the context of U.S.-Russian relations, and immediately referred to each country’s massive nuclear arsenal. He also stated, “Nuclear holocaust would be like no other.”

Nuclear weapons put civilization and the human species at risk of annihilation, which is why we published an open letter to Presidents Trump and Putin in The Hill about this very issue early this morning. The open letter calls on the two leaders to negotiate for the total elimination of nuclear weapons.

The letter was signed by NAPF President David Krieger, NAPF Senior Vice President Richard Falk, Nobel Peace Laureate Jody Williams, MIT Professor Emeritus Noam Chomsky, NAPF Distinguished Fellow Daniel Ellsberg, Nobel Peace Laureate Mairead Maguire, and CODEPINK co-founder Medea Benjamin.

The letter states in part, “Your nuclear arsenals give each of you the power to end civilization. You also have the historic opportunity, should you choose, to become the leaders of the most momentous international collaboration of all time, dedicated to ending the nuclear weapons era over the course of a decade or so. This great goal of Nuclear Zero can be achieved by negotiating, as a matter of priority, a treaty to ban and eliminate nuclear weapons.”

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We think that President Trump should do “the right thing for the American people, and…for the world” – to negotiate for the complete abolition of all nuclear weapons worldwide. Will you join us in this important effort?