June 25, 2024

Dear NAPF Community,

Our summer is off to a busy start with a large cohort of interns, on location in both Santa Barbara and New York. They have brought boundless energy and enthusiasm to their various projects, learning about and contributing to our educational and advocacy mission and our youth initiative, Reverse the Trend. Please see below for more about our interns and an opportunity to support their travel to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) Preparatory Committee in Geneva next month.

In the disarmament world, NPT meetings (preparatory committees or review conferences) are a hallmark of the summer. As frustrating as they have been, especially over the past decade, they remain an important forum where we can discuss nuclear disarmament with the nuclear weapon states. We will be there again this summer to give statements, hold and participate in side events, and meet with diplomats. We will promote the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW), particularly its complementarity with the NPT and its nuclear justice provisions, and highlight the security concerns of non-nuclear weapon states, and frankly all of humanity. In addition, we plan to travel with our interns to Washington DC to advocate for the TPNW at the national level. I’m also looking forward to a trip to Japan, where I was invited to be the keynote speaker at the 30th Annual International Peace Symposium, which will take place in the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum.

Sadly, the backdrop for the excitement and enthusiasm behind our robust internship program and continued activism around the world is a challenging global outlook, with devastation continuing most notably in Ukraine and Gaza, all the while international relations further deteriorate. The calls for cessation of hostilities, for upholding of international law, and for negotiation and cooperation are unfortunately either missing or being disregarded.  Please see below for ways that NAPF has been amplifying these calls. On August 6, the anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, we will once again gather with our local Santa Barbara community for the 30th Annual Sadako Peace Day to call for peace, unity, and to remember all innocent victims of war, past and present. I hope you will join us whether in person or in spirit.

Most warmly,

Latest from NAPF

Did you miss our event on the Third Year of the Ukraine War? Featuring Dr. Grigory Yavlinsky, a Russian economist and politician who ran for the Presidency of Russia three times; Katrina vanden Heuvel, publisher of The Nation; and Prof. Richard Falk, Professor Emeritus of International Law at Princeton University, the conversation was moderated by Cynthia Lazaroff, an expert on US-Russian relations. Grigory Yavlinsky’s comments in Russian were simultaneously translated into English. For full recording, please see HERE.

We are thrilled to welcome ten interns to the team this summer! They hail from Columbia University, Middlebury College, Tufts University, Wellesley College, and Williams College. To learn more about them, see HERE.

Team NAPF will attend the United Nations (UN) Preparatory Committee for the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) in Geneva from July 22 to August 2, 2024 and we would like to bring our interns along. This would be a unique opportunity for youth to engage in global discussions and represent our organization on the international stage.

Training Day at NAPF New York office!

Team NAPF at The Knotted Gun sculpture, United Nations HQ.

NAPF observed a Security Council meeting as civil society.

We need your support to make this trip possible! Every contribution with *NPT Geneva* in the dedication line will be used to cover plane tickets, ground transportation, meal allowances, and lodging, ensuring that all interns can benefit from this invaluable experience.

Earlier this month, NAPF’s Policy and Advocacy Director, Christian N. Ciobanu traveled to Geneva for discussions on nuclear justice, based on the UN General Assembly Resolution on Addressing the Legacy of Nuclear Weapons and the implementation of Articles 6 and 7 of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW). For full report, please see HERE.

Members of the NAPF team visited Capitol Hill (May 19-22) as part of the Alliance for Nuclear Accountability (ANA) coalition to engage with Congressional members and staff on nuclear disarmament. For more, see HERE.


The Vow From Hiroshima is now streaming on PBS, free to all. We are proud to be one of the co-sponsors of this broadcast. For streaming, please see HERE!

Richard Falk interviewed by The Qods News Agency in Iran —on Gaza, Palestinian Rights, Damascus Lethal Attack on Israeli Consular Building. Read HERE.

Christian Ciobanu delivered a statement on behalf of the Republic of Kiribati at the 2024 Humanity at the Crossroads Conference in April in Vienna. Watch HERE.

Anastasia Shakhidzhanova interviewed Tina Cordova, Tularosa Basin Downwinders Consortium, as part of our Women Waging Peace series. Watch HERE.


The Barbara Mandigo Kelly Peace Poetry Awards is an annual series of awards that encourages poets to explore and illuminate positive visions of peace and the human spirit. The Poetry Awards include three age categories: Adult, Youth 13-18, and Youth 12 & Under. Enter HERE!

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