February 27, 2024

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Last month, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists revealed their latest Doomsday Clock reading in a public event. The clock’s reading remained at 90 seconds to midnight, which was reached last year and which is also the closest that the clock has ever been to a metaphorical nuclear Armageddon that would obliterate human civilization and possibly even life on the planet. [Following the 2023 announcement, I wrote this article about the history of the clock and my interpretations of its reading.]

Since this year’s announcement, I’ve had a chance to speak in front of large audiences – who had chosen to come and hear me talk about nuclear weapons – and each time, when I asked, the majority of those in attendance had not been aware of the clock’s existence nor even of just how dangerous our current moment is. With conflicts involving nuclear weapon possessors raging and geopolitical tensions rising, most people are blissfully ignorant of this ominous threat. This is in large part due to our politicians and media happily pretending that the threat of nuclear weapons is not there. And yet, the good news is that we not only have a simple solution – abolishing and eliminating nuclear weapons – but we also have a mechanism for doing so, the United Nations Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW).

At NAPF, our work on promoting and implementing the TPNW continues apace, including on the treaty’s nuclear justice provisions. Please see below for our latest articles, events, interviews, and updates. Please also join us for the Veterans for Peace webinar on Thursday, February 29 (4 pm PT / 7 pm ET) and for the Celebration of David Krieger’s Legacy on Thursday, March 14 (4-6 pm, with a reception 6-7 pm) at the Music Academy in Santa Barbara. Relevant links for both events are below.

We pursue this work tirelessly and will continue to do so with your support.

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Article in Transcend Media Service

Read the latest article by Dr. Ivana Nikolić Hughes on Why the United States Should Lead the World on Nuclear Disarmament All the Way to a World Free of Nuclear Weapons.

Article in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

Dr. Ivana Nikolić Hughes rallied the nuclear disarmament community to respond swiftly and forcefully to a recent article in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, written by Zachary Kallenborn, who alleged that the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) is an existential threat to humanity.

Events and Updates

Celebration of the Third Anniversary of the TPNW Entry into Force

On January 29, NAPF co-hosted the Celebration of the Third Anniversary of the TPNW Entry into Force with the Permanent Mission of Kazakhstan, the Permanent Mission of Kiribati, and our youth initiative Reverse the Trend. The event took place at the Permanent Mission of Kazakhstan in New York. We are grateful to our partners and amazing speakers.

Interview on the current state of disarmament on Global Connections TV

Dr. Ivana Nikolić Hughes spoke with Bill Miller of Global Connections Television about the threat of nuclear weapons, the challenges of nuclear disarmament, and how the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons can help us achieve a better future – or any future at all – for humanity.

This resolution, brought forward by the Republics of Kazakhstan and Kiribati, and co-sponsored by 41 UN Member States from across the globe, was overwhelmingly approved with 161 nations voting in favor in the General Assembly. Previous vote in the General Assembly’s First Committee resulted in 171 votes in favor. We are proud of the valiant efforts of our Director of Policy and Advocacy and RTT Coordinator, Christian Ciobanu, who, along with interns and RTT youth activists, played a critical role in bringing the resolution to life and to a successful vote.

Side event to the Asia Pacific Forum on sustainable development

On February 21, Bond Rungrot Tatiyawongwiwat and Amir Ruzain, two youth representatives of Reverse The Trend South and Southeast Asia, a youth initiative of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation (NAPF), participated in a special event entitled “Advancing the Global Agenda toward Peaceful and Inclusive societies- Bridging Humanity, Security, and Sustainability.” This side event was held on the margins of the Asia Pacific Forum for Sustainable Development. Hiroshima Prefecture, Hiroshima Organization for Global Peace, RTT, and NAPF co-sponsored this event.


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