It is reported that President Obama is considering important changes in U.S. nuclear weapons policy that will make the world safer and that he can make as commander-in-chief without Congressional involvement. We urge the President to be bold and initiate the following seven policy changes:

1. Declare a No First Use policy. The U.S. currently maintains a policy that it is acceptable for it to use nuclear weapons first in certain scenarios. A No First Use policy would make nuclear war less likely.

2. Eliminate launch-on-warning. This would make mistaken launches due to computer error less likely.

3. De-alert the nuclear arsenal. Taking U.S. nuclear weapons off high-alert would allow decision makers more time to consider the use of nuclear weapons.

4. Remove U.S. nuclear weapons from foreign soil. This would decrease tensions with Russia and make nuclear war less likely.

5. Eliminate land-based nuclear weapons. This would remove these easy targets and alleviate the “use them or lose them” scenario.

6. Zero-out funding for “modernizing” the U.S. nuclear arsenal. This would reverse the current nuclear arms race and free hundreds of billions of dollars for fulfilling societal needs.

7. Convene the nine nuclear-armed countries to commence good faith negotiations for total nuclear disarmament. This would show that the U.S. is serious about complying with its legal obligations under Article VI of the Non-Proliferation Treaty.

Please take a moment to send a message to President Obama today, encouraging him to use his last months in office to de-escalate global nuclear tensions and set the world on a path to nuclear zero.