From left to right: Christian Ciobanu, Harris Agha, Ivana Nikolić Hughes, Susan Strickler, Mitchie Takeuchi, Michaela Ternasky-Holland, Jeremiah Williams, and Seth Sheldon.

Our youth initiative, Reverse the Trend: Save our Planet, Save our People, organized a wonderful film festival that provided the audience at the Scandinavian House in New York City the opportunity to watch excerpts of films The Vow from HiroshimaIn Our Hands, and Shades of Disarmament, to view the virtual reality experience On the Morning You Wake, and to listen to a panel of anti-nuclear activists and filmmakers. The panelists provided their views on the importance of art and film in particular to contribute to nuclear disarmament efforts, especially in light of the release of the blockbuster film Oppenheimer.

Scandinavian House, July 24, 2023

Harris Agha, master of ceremonies

From The Vow From Hiroshima, directed by Susan Strickler

Setsuko Thurlow in The Vow From Hiroshima

From In Our Hands, a film by Robert Richter

Central Park, June 12, 1982 from In Our Hands