This week, the Open-Ended Working Group on Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) has been meeting to discuss critical issues on security and use of (ICTs). These meetings are part of an agenda set out in 2021 and aimed at putting security and ICT issues at the forefront of international discussions and agreements. See more information about these meetings HERE.

We are very proud that two of our current interns, Joey Holzman, who is a student at Drew University, and Annamaria Belevitch, who is a student at Columbia University, contributed statements for this meeting on behalf of NAPF. Joey delivered his statement in person on Tuesday, December 6 and Annamaria delivered her statement on Wednesday, December 7. Joey’s statement focuses on the importance of including young people in ICT and security conversations, whereas Annamaria’s statement focuses on the relevance of international law to these discussions.

Watch Joey’s statement below.

Watch and read Annamaria’s statement below.

Please join us in congratulating Joey and Annamaria on a job well done!