The Honorable Gray Davis
Governor of California
State Capitol Building
Sacramento, CA 95814

Dear Governor Davis,

We are initiating a campaign to educate students on the University of California campuses about the UC’s management of the nuclear weapons laboratories. Our basic position is that it is unworthy of a great university to be involved in the creation of weapons of mass destruction, and therefore the Regents of the University of California should terminate their contracts with the Department of Energy (DoE) related to oversight and management of these laboratories.

By continuing to manage the nuclear weapons laboratories, the University of California is compromising its integrity as a responsible institution of higher learning and setting a poor example for the students it educates.

While money should certainly not be the critical issue in this matter, we understand that the DoE contract provides UC with little more than enough resources to manage the labs. Given this, ending the contractual relationship will have very little financial impact on UC, and will only serve to promote the best interests of the students and the University.

I would encourage you, as Chairman of the UC Board of Regents, to take a leadership role in ending the University of California’s relationship with the nuclear weapons laboratories. I would appreciate your response to this request.

David Krieger