Perie Longo read this poem that she wrote for David Krieger at the 36th Annual Evening for Peace on October 20, 2019. The poem is a response to Krieger’s poem “I Refuse.”

For David Krieger

2019 Distinguished Peace Leader
Nuclear Age Peace Foundation

Yes David, our hero, we hear you in the words
of the dissenting Meija, and in hundreds
of your writings and poems that circle the globe
for good, insisting return to common sense
in this trigger happy age. Seer and sage,

you must wear a fire proof shield
the way you’ve confronted the flames of evil
and still be in one piece, waving your pen
at once dove gentle and warrior fierce.

From the beginning you’ve crossed many lines,
and crossed out some too, stating your case
in the name of truth. In the field of this room,
we, who’ve followed your lead, gather
as many more will because of your valor

speaking volumes loud and clear. Nukes, never!
For humanity’s sake, Hope and Peace forever!
David, your distinguished life’s work is the poem,
blend of mind and heart which knows no end.

by Perie Longo
Santa Barbara Poet Laureate 2007-09
Oct. 20, 2019
36th Annual Evening for Peace