Statement Against violence – for prudence

Speechless and horror-stricken, with our deepest regret and compassion for all victims and their relatives, we have to take note of this most unbelievable act of terrorism in history. We would like to express our sympathy to all citizens of the United States of America.

As part of the peace-movement, the Initiative of Engineers and Scientists rejects all forms of terrorism and violence. We are shaken by this insane act of unrestricted violence that will solve none of our problems, but drive us further into desperation and a circle of violence.

This crime was not necessary to prove the vulnerability of highly technologized industrial nations – they are not to be technologically secured against their own high end technology.

There is no way to escape from this helplessness, merely political and humanitarian steps to minimize it. Acts of revenge and military retaliation will not solve the problem. We appeal for prudence, particularly for those who are in political charge.

We would like to propose to the United Nations: The United Nations shall invite all head of states and governments of the world, all parliaments and NGO´s – immediately – to gather for a world – peace – conference, in order to work on courageous steps (in the spirit of the frequently cited New Thinking) to solve wars and conflicts, and to work against such senseless outbreak of violence.

Dortmund, Sept. 11th 2001, 6:30 p.m. +49 (0) 231 – 57 52 02 Reiner Braun, Executive Director