We are excited to share that our President, Ivana Nikolić Hughes, and our Policy and Advocacy Coordinator, Christian N. Ciobanu, have published an article in the magazine The Nation. The authors discuss one of the latest efforts to address the damage and harm from nuclear weapons testing and use around the world: a new resolution in the United Nations General Assembly. Working closely with the governments of the Republics of Kazakhstan and Kiribati, Christian has played a pivotal role at every step of the process of bringing this resolution to life. The article describes some of the harrowing history of what nuclear weapons have done to peoples around the world, including in Kazakhstan and Kiribati, and delves into the policy background, from the very first United Nations General Assembly resolution, to the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, our best hope for a world free of nuclear weapons. The article also makes a strong case for the inextricable link between nuclear justice and nuclear abolition.

To read the article in The Nation, see HERE.

To learn more about the resolution, see HERE.