It is worth contemplating that the man who told the American people and their Congress that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction necessitating war, who took us to war illegally, who has branded innocent men as “enemy combatants” and held them illegally at Guantanamo, who is responsible for torture at Abu Ghraib prison, who authorized the rendition of suspects so they could be tortured in other countries, whose war in Iraq has led to over 3,000 American deaths, more than occurred on 9/11, and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi deaths, who has stretched our military so thin it may be unable to protect the country in the case of a real crisis, who always asserted he took orders from his commanders “on the ground” and then fired the commanders who gave him advice he didn’t want to hear, who now offers us “the surge” as a last desperate attempt to save his own reputation at the expense of American soldiers, is the same man who has his finger on the nuclear button, believes in preemptive war and has warned that all options are on the table, including the nuclear option.