“My son died for nothing….” — Cindy Sheehan

One brave mother, whose son died in war, had a burning question for the President.

“What,” she asked, “was the noble cause my son died for?”

While the mother waited for an answer, the President took naps.

While she wilted in the harsh Texas sun, the President sped by in his caravan.

While she felt the aching pain of her son’s death, the President went biking with Lance Armstrong.

While the President enjoyed yet another war-time vacation, more mothers’ sons died in war.

And more mothers began to ask, “What is the noble cause our children are dying for?”

The President, who saves his charm for those in power, could only say, “I’ve got a life to live….”

And so he does, while more sons and daughters are sacrificed to the god of war,

and their grieving mothers await an answer.