NAPF’s most recent Board meeting on August 8, was both a joyous and somber occasion, simultaneously. Welcoming our new President to Santa Barbara and to her first official meeting as President was cause for celebration, while the timing of the meeting – sandwiched between the anniversaries of the attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki – presented an invitation for reflection on the attacks and the continuing threat that nuclear weapons pose to humanity. Our discussion was wide-ranging and it inspired Richard Falk, our Senior Vice President, to write two essays that touch on the topics we discussed. We are as ever grateful to Richard for sharing his wisdom, insight, and knowledge with us and invite you to read the essays. The first, entitled Two Perspectives on the 10th NPT Review Conference, can be found HERE. This essay discusses the context of the conference taking place amidst the anniversaries of the atomic bombings in Japan, as well as following the entry into force of the TPNW, and the current heightened geopolitical tensions. The second essay, entitled¬†Connecting the Dots 77 Years Later: Hiroshima and Nuremberg, can be found HERE. This essay is a contemplation on the meaning of the term “victors’ justice” and the normalization of nuclear weapons that arose out of this view of what justice is or should be. We hope the writing will inspire you as it has inspired us to continue to fight for a peaceful world, one that is free of nuclear weapons.