Thank you, President Bush;

For creating an atmosphere proper to develop again the perils and Apocalyptic Doomsday of the Cold War.

For taking decisions unilaterally or coaxing other countries to accept aggression instead of diplomacy.

For dividing the nation and bringing feuds, bias and hatred among our citizens.

For saying that your administration disregards the opinion of the world like you did with world opinion opposed to war against Iraq.

For alienating billions of people worldwide who see the US as the a bully nation that acts for the sake of its own interests only.

For leaving me speechless when trying to explain to my sobbing young daughter why humans are acting like cavemen in what you have called “the First War of the 21st Century.”

For letting us know that the use of “tactical nuclear weapons” are possible and that Hiroshima and Nagasaki could be reenacted again.

For bringing xenophobia to the “land of the free.”

For making us act like imperialists who still want to rule the world.

Thank you, thank you so much!
*Ruben Arvizu is Director for Latin America of Nuclear Age Peace Foundation.