February 5, 2012

Open Letter on NATO Missile Defense Plans and Increased Risk of Nuclear War

Recent U.S. decisions to deploy an integrated missile defense system in Europe, coupled with the continued expansion of NATO and its military activities, have created increasingly sharp divisions and distrust between the United States and Russia.
May 16, 2002

U.S. Can’t Ignore Nuclear Threat

Originally Published in USA TODAY I’m worried that we’re about to make the same mistake we made a decade ago. In August of 1991, when a coup […]
May 1, 2002

An Open Letter to Vladimir Putin – Why?

The Russian agreement to the U.S.-initiated agreement to cut their strategic nuclear forces by two-thirds is astounding, given that this is playing directly into U.S. plans […]
November 12, 2001

The Crawford Summit

Presidents Bush and Putin will be meeting at the Bush ranch in Crawford, Texas from November 13-15 at what has been billed as the Crawford Summit. […]