Department of Energy

November 16, 2011

Nuclear Guinea Pigs

Beverly Ann Deepe Keever provides information on the massive nuclear weapons testing program operated by the United States in the Marshall Islands.
June 11, 2010

US Energy Policy Creating a New Generation of Dr. Strangeloves

The US is pouring millions into R&D for nuclear energy instead of renewables.
June 8, 2010

Apocalypse in the Gulf Now (Oil) & Next (Nukes)

Harvey Wasserman discusses the major damage being done now by the BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico and the potential for greater damage from a nuclear power accident.
December 11, 1998

Groups win Landmark Nuclear Weapons “Cleanup” Victory

WASHINGTON, DC/SAN FRANCISCO, CA — To settle a lawsuit brought by 39 environmental and peace organizations including the Oakland-based Western States Legal Foundation and Livermore’s Tri-Valley […]