accidental nuclear war

October 16, 2012

The Missile Crisis that Never Went Away

Steven Starr, David Krieger and Daniel Ellsberg discuss the threats that continue to this day, 50 years after the Cuban Missile Crisis.
June 24, 2011

Launch-Ready Nuclear Weapons: A Threat to All Nations and Peoples

This six-page paper by Steven Starr was presented at the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation's seminar on nuclear de-alerting in Geneva, Switzerland on June 24, 2011.
August 31, 2010

Nuclear Detonation: Fifteen Scenarios

David Krieger outlines fifteen scenarios for nuclear detonation, seeking to rouse people from their complacency about the existence of thousands of nuclear weapons worldwide.
February 11, 2002

Preventing An Accidental Armageddon

Overview “There is no doubt that, if the people of the world were more fully aware of the inherent danger of nuclear weapons and the consequences […]