April 12, 2002

Groups Urge Countries to Oppose Bush’s Nuclear Plans

Originally Published on OneWorld US As country representatives enter the second week of discussions on a treaty aimed at limiting the spread of nuclear arms around […]
April 1, 2002

Letter to US Senators on ABM Treaty Nuclear Weapons Policy

April 2002 Senator Tom Daschle 1-202-224-7895 Senator Joseph Biden, Chair, Senate Foreign Relations Committee 1-202-224-0139 Senator Carl Levin, Chair, Senate Armed Services Committee 1-202-224-1388 Senator Edward […]
April 1, 2002

Let Us Choose Life; Let Us End The Nuclear Weapons Threat Now

As a member of the human family, as a person who feels a deep kinship with all life, as a war veteran who supported President Truman’s […]
January 1, 2002

Bush Can’t Operate as a One-Man Band

Within one short month, President Bush has launched two major assaults on our system of checks and balances. Without gaining statutory approval from Congress, he announced […]