The Art of Waging Peace

By Paul K. Chappell

NAPF Peace Leadership Director and West Point graduate Paul K. Chappell offers new and practical solutions in his pioneering book, The Art of Waging Peace. By sharing his own personal struggles with childhood trauma, racism, and berserker rage, Chappell explores the anatomy of war and peace, giving strategies, tactics, and leadership principles to resolve inner and outer conflict. Chappell explains from a military perspective how Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. were strategic geniuses, more brilliant and innovative than any general in military history, courageous warriors who advanced a more effective method than waging war for providing national and global security. This pragmatic and richly instructive book shows how we can become active citizens with the skills and strength to defeat injustice and end all war.



Hardcover: 344 pages
Publisher: Prospecta Press (July 2, 2013)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1935212788


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