The Waging Peace Series

From 1985 to 2000, the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation published 41 volumes of Waging Peace, an essay series devoted to strengthening the conditions of human interdependence. The ambition of the series was summed up in a statement printed at the beginning of each volume: “Just as peace is more than the absence of war, waging peace is more than supporting arms reductions. In addition, it embraces positive steps toward genuine harmony.” Waging Peace is a library of utopias, philosophical reflections, and policy proposals from some of the greatest minds of the last half century.

The series was dedicated to the late Warren Wells, who, as far as is known, coined the phrase “waging peace.” The Wells family—Warren, his late wife Ethel, and their daughter Marion—have been essential supporters of NAPF.


Can We Change Our Thinking?

By Charles W. Jamison. Waging Peace Volume 1.

David Krieger

Preventing Accidental Nuclear War

By David Krieger. Waging Peace Volume 3.


Nuclear Strategy and the Defense of Europe

By Robert C. Aldridge. Waging Peace Volume 4.

Frank K. Kelly

Needed: A Nuclear Age Peace Corps

By Frank K. Kelly. Waging Peace Volume 5.

Adm. Gene La Rocque

The Role of the Military in the Nuclear Age

By Admiral Gene R. La Rocque. Waging Peace Volume 6.

David Krieger

Accidental Nuclear War Dangers of the “Star Wars” Proposal

By Dean Babst, Robert Aldridge and David Krieger. Waging Peace Volume 7.

Roger Walsh, M.D., Ph.D.

The Psychology of Peace

By Roger Walsh, M.D., Ph.D. Waging Peace Volume 8.

Dietrich Fischer

No First Use of Nuclear Weapons

By Dietrich Fischer. Waging Peace Volume 9.

 Hannes Alfven

Honest Language: Semantics of the Nuclear Debate

By Hannes Alfven. Waging Peace Volume 10.

Carl Sagan

The Great Peace March

By Carl Sagan. Waging Peace Volume 11.

 Theodore Becker

Mediating the Nuclear Stalemate

By Theodore Becker. Waging Peace Volume 12.

 Jan Tinbergen

Revitalizing the United Nations System

By Jan Tinbergen. Waging Peace Volume 13.

 Diana Hull

Informed Consent: From the Body to the Body-Politic in the Nuclear Age

By Diana Hull. Waging Peace Volume 14.

 David Russell Lange

Small States and Big Issues

By David Russell Lange. Waging Peace Volume 17.


A World Movement of Engineers for Peace

By Hungarian Engineers for Peace. Waging Peace Volume 18.

 New Vision for the Nuclear Age

New Vision for the Nuclear Age

By Charles W. Jamison. Waging Peace Volume 19.

 Why Nuclear Weapons Are Illegal

Why Nuclear Weapons Are Illegal

By Leon Vickman, Esq. Waging Peace Volume 20.

David Krieger

Earth Citizenship

By David Krieger. Waging Peace Volume 21.

Jacques-Yves Cousteau

Attacking Power With Wisdom

By Jacques-Yves Cousteau. Waging Peace Volume 22.

 Larry Agran

Ending the Tyranny of the Arms Race: A Peace Conversion Program

By Larry Agran. Waging Peace Volume 23.


God’s Dream

By Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Waging Peace Volume 24.

 Diana Hull

The University of California and the Nuclear Weapons Laboratories; and How the University of California Moved to New Zealand: A Fable

By Diana Hull. Waging Peace Volume 25.

Chandler Davis, Ph.D.

Science for Good or Ill

By Chandler Davis, Ph.D. Waging Peace Volume 26.

 Francis Boyle

The Criminality of Nuclear Weapons

By Francis A. Boyle. Waging Peace Volume 27.


Peace Is More than the Absence of War

By the XIVth Dalai Lama. Waging Peace Volume 28.

 Jan Tinbergen

Supranational Decision-Making: A More Effective United Nations

By Jan Tinbergen. Waging Peace Volume 29.

David Krieger

A Magna Carta for the Nuclear Age

By David Krieger and Robert Woetzel. Waging Peace Volume 30.


A Nonviolent Political Agenda for a More Humane World

By Mairead Maguire. Waging Peace Volume 31.

 Burns Weston

Toward Post-Cold War Global Security: A Legal Perspective

By Burns H. Weston. Waging Peace Volume 32.

 John Burroughs

Challenging the Nuclear Addiction: Citizen Participation in Environmental Review of Nuclear Weapons Production

By John Burroughs and Andrew Lichterman. Waging Peace Volume 33.

David Krieger

Toward Universal Sovereignty in the Twenty-First Century

By David Krieger. Waging Peace Volume 34.

 Shridath Ramphal

Global Governance in the Global Neighborhood

By Shridath Ramphal. Waging Peace Volume 35.

Carl Sagan

Nuclear War: The Perspective of a Planetary Astronomer

By Carl Sagan. Waging Peace Volume 36.


Environmental Security and the Environmental Costs of Preparing for War

By Paul Ehrlich, Ph.D. and Anne Ehrlich, Ph.D. Waging Peace Volume 37.


Creating a Nuclear Weapons Free World: A Guide for Students

Waging Peace Volume 38.

Joseph Rotblat

An Allegiance to Humanity

By Joseph Rotblat. Waging Peace Volume 39.

Gen. George Lee Butler

Ending the Nuclear Madness

By General George Lee Butler. Waging Peace Volume 40.


The Responsibilities of World Citizenship

By Queen Noor al Hussein. Waging Peace Volume 41.