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NAPF publishes informational booklets about key facets of its work. To order printed copies, contact NAPF at (805) 965-3443.

The World of Electric Light

In this Peace Literacy booklet, Paul K. Chappell discusses three life-changing experiences in the context of a new paradigm for understanding modern technology and the human condition.

A New Peace Paradigm

NAPF Peace Literacy Director Paul K. Chappell wrote this booklet to supplement the Peace Literacy curriculum offered by the Foundation. To gain a deep and practical understanding of extremism, trauma, and the nature of human happiness, and to solve our national and global problems in the twenty-first century and beyond, we need a realistic and pragmatic model of the human condition that helps us understand our human needs and the tangles of trauma.

Moms Against Bombs

In honor of Mother’s Day and the women who have taught us important lessons in our lives, the women of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation speak about why they chose to work for peace and the abolition of nuclear weapons.

What is the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation?

This booklet explains the many important roles of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation in the global efforts to achieve peace and nuclear disarmament.

Ending the Nuclear Weapons Era

This booklet, written by NAPF President David Krieger, argues that if we value civilization and life itself, we must find a path to abolishing nuclear weapons before they abolish us.

Why Our World Needs Peace Literacy

NAPF Peace Literacy Director Paul K. Chappell wrote this booklet about the seven forms of peace literacy. Peace literacy is the next step in the development of our global civilization, because peace literacy is necessary in an interconnected world where the fate of every nation is tied to the fate of our planet.

Humanize Not Modernize

This booklet focuses on five reasons why the United States should not waste $1 trillion modernizing its nuclear arsenal, and 10 worthy ways to reallocate those funds. Join us in making the shift from modernizing the U.S. nuclear arsenal to humanizing our planet.

15 Moral Reasons

NAPF President David Krieger wrote these 15 moral reasons to abolish nuclear weapons. Ending the nuclear weapons threat is up to us all. There is no room for complacency.

Nuclear Zero: Spiritual Leaders Speak Out

Spiritual leaders around the world agree: we share a common responsibility to protect creation. This short booklet contains quotes from nine spiritual leaders from around the world in favor of the abolition of nuclear weapons.


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