The Nuclear Age Peace Foundation has published an annual report each year since 2004. The reports outline our major projects and accomplishments for the year and summarize the organization’s financials. You can view our annual reports at the links below.

2022-23 Annual Report

The 2022-23 annual report introduces our community to NAPF’s new President, Dr. Ivana Nikolić Hughes, and highlights our important work on promoting and implementing the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.


2019-20 Annual Report

Our 2019-20 annual report highlights the evolution of our work to address the complex world that has emerged in the 2020s.

2018 Annual Report

Our 2018 annual report announces the retirement of NAPF Co-Founder and President David Krieger, and the appointment of Rick Wayman as incoming CEO.

2017 Annual Report

Our 2017 annual report highlights a visit with Pope Francis, the Nobel Peace Prize, our involvement with negotiations for the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, the rapid growth of our Peace Literacy initiative, and much more.

2016 Annual Report

The 2016 annual report details our important work during what might be the most dangerous time in human history.

2015 Annual Report

The 2015 Annual Report focused largely on our work to stop the “modernization” of the U.S. nuclear arsenal at a cost of over $1 trillion.

2014 Annual Report

Our 2014 annual report highlighted our work as a consultant to the Republic of the Marshall Islands in that country’s Nuclear Zero Lawsuits against the world’s nine nuclear-armed nations.