The Nuclear Age Peace Foundation’s programs focus on collective action and advocacy. We mobilize people and engage leaders across the globe to achieve our goals.

Impacting policy requires rapid response to issues as they arise. Our Action Alert Network provides individuals with policy recommendations, advocacy opportunities, and an immediate way to contact elected representatives – all via email. Each action taken through our network demonstrates the public’s resolve to eliminate nuclear weapons. Add your voice by signing up in the “join” box to the right, or click the button below to see our current actions.

Take Action

The NAPF Action Alert Network connects you with your elected representatives so that you can take action on pressing nuclear issues. Click here to see our current actions.

Direct Advocacy with Decision-Makers

Nuclear Age Peace Foundation representatives also regularly interact with members of Congress and the administration in Washington, DC, as well as with international diplomats at the United Nations in New York and Geneva. Click here to see our recent briefing papers that we have provided to decision-makers on key issues.