The stakes couldn’t be higher for the historic, June 12 U.S.– North Korea summit with President Trump and Kim Jung-un. There is much uncertainty surrounding the meeting and the issues on the table are complex.

We at the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation are available to you for comment and interviews before, during and after the summit. Our thirty-six years of in-depth expertise on all issues regarding nuclear weapons gives us insight and perspective few other organizations have.

  • We’re part of ICAN, the current Nobel Peace Prize winner.
  • We played an integral role at the United Nations in the negotiations for the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.
  • We welcome good faith dialogue that lessens nuclear dangers and could lead to the elimination of nuclear weapons.
  • We oppose the absolutist position of hawks like National Security Adviser John Bolton and numerous Senate Democrats, who are demanding absolute surrender and denuclearization by North Korea before the United States makes any compromises.
  • We support a peace treaty to finally end the 7-decades-old Korean War.
  • Nuclear weapons are unacceptable in any hands and under all circumstances. This summit could lead to progress, which we welcome, but the summit is often cast in a way that legitimizes the United States’ ongoing possession and development of nuclear weapons.
  • North and South Korea are sovereign nations with their own strong interests in achieving peace. The United States can be involved in the peace process where appropriate, but should largely stay out of the way for Koreans to make peace in Korea.

Please call Rick Wayman at +1 805.696.5159 or Sandy Jones at +1 805.965.3443 for comment or interview.