Peace Literacy Summer Workshop in Corvallis, Oregon

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The participants and facilitators of the 2019 Peace Literacy summer workshop.

This year the Summer Peace Literacy Workshop took place in Corvallis, Oregon from August 22-25. Participants included college professors and administrators, community leaders including Rotarians from Florida, California, Oregon, and Washington, and students from Oregon State University. Paul K. Chappell, NAPF Peace Literacy Director, and Sharyn Clough, Peace Literacy Curriculum Coordinator, Professor at Oregon State, and Director of the OSU Phronesis Lab, facilitated the workshop with logistical assistance from local host and designer Cathy Kerr.

Here are some comments:

“Beyond excellent. Paul and Shari are masterful facilitators who assisted me in imagining the world can change, see that it can and understand a path forward to peace. We have a sacred responsibility and rare opportunity to facilitate peace and kindness in the world–in our workplaces and day-to-day interactions. I am excited to connect this work to my life and gain confidence in conflict resolution. I cannot recommend this workshop enough.”
Amy Frasieur, Interim Director of Prevention and Wellness, Student Health Services, OSU

“Peace Literacy is a deep synthesis of so many philosophical, historical, social, interpersonal, and personal movements that it feels overwhelming. The way everything is organized relates the huge ideas to real and immediate actions that matter. I’ve learned skills and vocabulary that will definitely help me be and do what I want. Freeing, empowering, and inspiring.”
Devlin Montfort, Faculty, Environmental Engineering, OSU


Many thanks to our community sponsors!

“I absolutely endorse Peace Literacy, a movement that is and has been needed since time immemorial. Our general population is so divided… [Peace Literacy offers] a unifying force with a clear articulation of the problems and solutions that can lead to a global awakening to proactive ways to behave in humane ways and avoid conflict and aggressive behavior that demeans life.”
Kathleen Wertz, Soka Gakkai International, USA


“Peace Literacy is one of the most important skill sets of the 21st century.”
Manal Fakoury, Ollin Women International

“Since my first introduction to Peace Literacy two years ago, I have been able to relate to myself and others with greater peace, empathy, and understanding. The message of Peace Literacy has taught me to relate to others with more authenticity, self-understanding, and compassion. Peace Literacy provides concrete steps to building peaceful relationships and a message of hope that the world desperately needs. Peace Literacy has changed how I live my life for the better.”
Sophia Betts, Phronesis Lab Intern, OSU


Phronesis Lab Interns, Sophia Betts and Clay Williams

“I am grateful to have learned the impacts of trauma on human behavior. After this course I feel better able to understand how I have more options in addressing my response to aggression by others and my own feelings of aggression. I would encourage all to learn more about Peace Literacy!”
Wendy Wells, Sherwood Rotary Peacebuilder Club



“This workshop has been a remarkable opportunity for me to reframe some current practices and build them out as part of a longer, more meaningful framework. I am learning with a new focus, [and gained] a lot to think about and connections to a new and external important community. Paul and Shari are talented and compelling facilitators, who model their message.”
Anne Gillies, OSU

“It quickly becomes clear why these skills and concepts are so badly needed. Through them, one starts to gain a sense of why our world is so screwed up and just maybe how to start fixing it.”
Zachary Lee, Engineering student, President, Advocates for Free Thought and Skepticism, OSU

Shari and local host volunteer organizer, Cathy Kerr.

“Peace Literacy gave me hope for a resolution to polarization in politics and social issues. It provides a basic toolbox of skills that can service anyone in promoting increased understanding as well as more unification within communities as a result. I look forward to applying this knowledge I gained within my student-led organization.”
Aditya Rajeshnarayanan, Engineering Student, Vice-President Advocates for Free Thought and Skepticism, OSU

“Peace Literacy articulates the skills that we all need: interpersonally, in education, nationally, and internationally. Our society is in desperate need of more empathy; we firstly must recognize it as a skill to build upon. This Peace Literacy workshop introduces concepts such as non-physical needs, tangles of trauma, rehumanization, and so forth. These concepts and skills can be applied to all areas of life. I hope that everyone can learn peace literacy.”
Mahal Miles, student, OSU

“Peace Literacy is applicable to so many parts of our daily life, especially in the work place and in a world with people who have experienced trauma. So grateful to learn more.”
Andrea Myhre, Nonprofit Director

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OSU students, L-R Aditya, Mahal, and Zac, with Paul

Shari Clough, Peace Literacy Curriculum Coordinator, and Paul K. Chappell, Peace Literacy Director