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NAPF’s Peace Literacy Institute is led by Paul K. Chappell, a West Point graduate, Iraq War veteran, former army captain, and student of Martin Luther King Jr.’s colleagues James Lawson, Bernard Lafayette, and C.T. Vivian. Chappell is multi-racial (part African American, part Asian, and part white) and grew up in a violent household in Alabama. Chappell’s childhood trauma, along with the resultant rage and alienation, caused him to develop a mass shooter personality in high school. At West Point he reflected on the failings of our education system – he had never been taught how to heal the root causes of his rage and alienation; he had to figure this out on his own through many years of research and life experience. He designed Peace Literacy to fill these and many other gaps in our education system.

Chappell joined NAPF in 2009 and has developed a unique, groundbreaking paradigm. Peace Literacy is now taught to students and educators alike, in the U.S. and internationally. It’s built on the core premise that peace, like math and reading, requires a skill set that needs to be taught in schools. Peace Literacy teaches skills to cope with trauma and the human condition while providing practical tools that can be applied to every aspect of life. It teaches the skills to help move us from being pre-literate in peace to being peace literate, offering a road map to solving myriad local, national, and global challenges.

You can learn more about Peace Literacy at our dedicated site,

New Curriculum

Navigating Crisis, Uncertainty, and Technology in a Global Pandemic” – This series of three lessons is designed to help middle school teachers and parents address many of the new and immediate needs of students in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, presented in a format conducive to distance learning.

Peace Literacy for Navigating Struggle, Uncertainty, and Crisis

We developed a nine-part series to help people navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. Each part of the series focuses on strengthening a non-physical human need.


We have Peace Literacy curricula for students of all different levels. The lessons are designed by teachers, for teachers. To view and download our free curriculum offerings, visit the Curriculum page on our Peace Literacy site.


We offer Peace Literacy workshops to groups of many different backgrounds, including teachers, clergy, engineers, psychologists, Rotarians, activists, and police officers. To find out more about scheduling a workshop, which can be in person or online, contact us.

Endorsements and Evaluations

A collection of Peace Literacy endorsements by teachers, workshop participants, and public figures, along with our 2020 data showing how Peace Literacy instruction impacted high schoolers in Corvallis, Oregon.


Check out our booklets and books related to Peace Literacy.

Meet the Team

We have an outstanding group of staff, consultants, and volunteers who work tirelessly to bring Peace Literacy to life. Meet our curriculum development team here.