Mr. President,

Visit Hiroshima.

It is a beautiful, bustling city.

It will change your view of the world.

You will realize viscerally what nuclear weapons do to people.

John Kerry called it “gut-wrenching.”

It is that and more.

It is a city of warning and Hope.

It teaches lessons that can’t be learned in a classroom.

Civilization is at risk.  Humanity is at risk.

All we love and treasure is at risk.

Nuclear weapons must be abolished before they abolish us.

Visit Hiroshima with Peace in your heart.

The people of Hiroshima have already forgiven us.

Visit Hiroshima with determination to end the nuclear weapons era.

Be bold.  Take action.  Realize your dreams.

This is your chance.  Seize it.  Yes, you can.

Visit Hiroshima with Hope in your heart.

Let your Hope meet that of Hiroshima.

Open the eyes of the world.

Be the leader we have been waiting for.

Reveal your plan for Nuclear Zero.

Take the first step.

Visit Hiroshima.