The Marshall Islands’ nuclear disarmament cases received a significant boost in media coverage in March 2016 as the International Court of Justice held its preliminary oral hearings in the cases against the United Kingdom, India and Pakistan. Below is a summary of English-language press coverage.

3 March Pressenza (press release)

4 March Reuters

5 March Agence France Presse

6 March RT (Russia Today)

6 March Pressenza

7 March Associated Press

7 March Agence France Presse

7 March Reuters

7 March Associated Press

7 March Pressenza

7 March First Post (India)

7 March Press Trust of India

8 March BBC

8 March Agence France Presse

8 March National Public Radio

8 March Catch News (India)

8 March Pressenza

8 March Al Jazeera

8 March The Diplomat

8 March Reuters

8 March Radio New Zealand

8 March Press TV

8 March One India

9 March The Hindu

9 March Australian Broadcasting Corporation

9 March Niewsuur (TV – mostly in Dutch)

9 March Pressenza

10 March The Guardian

10 March The News International (Pakistan)

10 March Marshall Islands Journal

10 March Pakistan Today

10 March Associated Press

10 March Associated Press of Pakistan

10 March Tasnim News Agency (Iran)

10 March Pressenza

11 March Gulf Times (Qatar)

11 March City A.M. (UK)

11 March Marshall Islands Journal

13 March The Express Tribune (Pakistan)

15 March Pressenza

16 March Daily Times (Pakistan)

16 March Pressenza

17 March Eurasia Review

17 March Pressenza

17 March InDepth News

18 March Radio New Zealand

18 March The Herald (Scotland)

18 March Greenpeace International

22 March Radio New Zealand

25 March Marshall Islands Journal

27 March The New York Times

29 March The Ecologist