In just a few days, I will retire after serving as President of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation for the past 37 years. I give my deepest thanks to all of you who have educated yourselves and others through our books and monthly newsletter, who have spoken out for peace and nuclear disarmament through our Action Alert Network, and who have made this institution possible through your generous financial support.

When we founded NAPF in 1982, the world was adrift in nuclear dangers. We began with a belief in the necessity of awakening people everywhere to the dangers of the Nuclear Age – a time in which our technological prowess exceeded our ethical development. This dilemma continues today. For nearly four decades, we have been a steady, consistent and creative voice for peace and a world free of nuclear weapons.

As the calendar page turns to 2020, we are working to create a peace literate world, based upon empathy, caring, kindness and overcoming fear, greed and trauma: a world in which nuclear weapons can be abolished and stay abolished. Our Peace Literacy Initiative, headed by Paul K. Chappell, a West Point graduate, goes to the root causes of war and nuclear weapons. It is a profound way of waging peace.

As the next generation prepares to take the helm at NAPF, I ask you to believe in the power of our work now more than ever. We have exciting plans to scale up our Peace Literacy work and deliver measurable and increasing impacts over the coming months and years.

Your financial support is essential to making these plans a reality. Please consider a year-end gift to the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation so that we can maximize our reach to train students, teachers, and community leaders in 2020 and beyond.

In peace,

David Krieger