The following letters were sent to the Foundation by Ramzi Kysia, an Arab American peace activist and writer who has worked in Iraq for six months. The letters came from al-Adamia Secondary School for Girls, which is located in Baghdad and which has 700 students, ages 15-20 years old, and 48 teachers and staff. Al-Aadamieh is one of the best public schools in Baghdad, with consistently high test scores. Forty-three students from this class wrote letters on March 3, 2003.

Ms. Salwa al-Sharbati, the principal of al-Aadamieh since 1978, stated, “When you have deep culture, deep history, it’s like a motive to push you to do anything – you’ll be ready for anything… The embargo itself is a challenge to us. Really, you have a lack in everything: chalk, desks, books, computers… We have another problem, that the students catch new diseases, especially cancers. This is affecting girls even more. They catch cancer of the breast and other disease.” Five out of 700 girls at this high school have cancer.


Dear American Student,

My name is Naba’a Riad. I’m 18 years old. I say to you, How are you and want to you best wishes. At first all I want or all I wish is to be a doctor in the future and all the morning I hope this wish came true. I have a friend in my school who everyone carried their wishes. We want to live in peace. So how these wishes came true if you threaten us. Please let us live in peace and to be your friend.

With my best wishes,
Naba’a Riad

[drawing of a heart and flower] let this flower grow up.


Dear American Students,

My name is Thuraya El-Kaissi. I am in fifth class. I hope that we will see each other and talk about our dreams and hopes and our future … I am really hope that, inshallah.

We love American people but the government they hate us and want to done this war on us.

I hope that you will send me your photos and letters to me and my friends in our school … all my friends want your addresses and photos … and any things about you all. What do you want from us? Ok!? See you soon, and keep in touch.

Your Friend,
Thuraya El-Kaissi

Note: I am 17 years old. How old you are?!
Note: I love the band:- N’Sync and (Anthony Hopkins)


Dear American Student,

I am Zainab from Baghdad. I’m 18 years old. I’m very happy to sent you this brief letter, and I hope to everybody good life and they become what they want. And I like to tell you what my desire is to be (doctor).

Zainab Kies
The Bird of Peace [drawing of a bird with a flower in its beak]


Dear American Student,

I am Sara … I live in Baghdad and I want to live in peace here … and I am 17 years old.

So I don’t know what I say. I am very sad and I am very confused. I like you to understand me what I want to say, and you have to forgive me because my English language is not good … but I hope you understand my pain … Just my tear could describe my pain … I love you very very much because you want to help Iraqi children … I want to be your friend … I’m so sorry again for my English language is bad … I’m so sorry.

Sara Amer

[drawing of a flower] This flower is for you


For my dear friends in the world,

I am very happy for your letters sent to my school, and your opinion about the Iraqi people, and I hope to live in peace and I hope to live in calm life in my country, and I’m thank you with my love for you.

My name is Baidaa Suad, 18 years old, and goodbye with my love.


Dear America Students,

I send this message to any one of you to know us (Iraqi pupil) as it should be! I really glad to make a friendship with the U.S.A. student.

My name is Sarab and I’m 17 years old and I have no mother because she died in cancer last year… So I think this friendship will help me to get out from this sadness that I’m gonna through… I hope I met someone of you face to face and to still friends forever… What I hope is our problems solve… In fact I really love American people from all my heart. I swear it’s true… I wish I can visit America and see you and you have to promise me that we will be friends forever and ever.

I like dogs and I have one. It’s german shepherd dog, his name is Bone… Tell me what you like, like I do…

I love Backstreet Boys, specially (A.J.)

I feel we’ll contact with each other so in the second time tell me what you like to know you better.


Friendship forever [inside a heart]. Keep in touch and don’t forget me…
your friend, Sarab Taha El-Anne


Dear Friends in U.S.,

My name is Hiba Monther. I would like to tell you that I want to be like any people in the world. Well, I live with my family and from my house watch T.V. and read many books about the nature. Write to me and tell me about your feeling about this world. And I want to tell you that every night when I saw the moon and I feel that I am one of the stars in the sky.

Best wishes to you and your family,
Hiba Monther, 17 years old.

Hello also from Hiba’s friend Rokoya (who doesn’t know English very well).


Dear U.S.A. children,

I am Safa Emad Jihad Al-Rawi from Baghdad and my age is eighteen years old. I want to tell you that I’m very happy to send you this letter and I want you to know that Iraqi children want to speak with you about their life and their school and they live in very normal live and we love American people with all of threatenings of war on Iraq. We love you always and want to live in peace with all the world because the Iraqi people love peace for them and for other countries in the world.

Safa Al-Rawi


Dear Friends,

I am student in sixth stage, secondary school for girls. I want living with peace in the world. I will be a doctor in the future, and I very like of them before the end. I hope the Peace of Iraq and America.

Zianab Munther, 18 years old.


Dear American Student,

My name is Rasha. I’m 18 years old. I want to say that I love the world and I love peace. I don’t want war. Why do you want to kill the smiles on our faces? We want to learn and live in peace. I want to be a dentist, so how could I make that if the war happened? We are a peaceful people. We love peace. We love American people, so why do you want to kill us? I pray for the God to avoid us the war, and I hope for whole the world the peace and love. I want to be friends and keep in touch with you. Let us spread love among us.

With all the best,
Rasha Ali Abdul-Raheem


Dear Friends,

My name is Haneen Hamid. I have 18 years old. I want to thank you. I want to be a doctor.

Thank you,
Haneen Hamid


Dear American Student,

My name is Summer. We love you people America. I am 18 years old. I don’t want war. We want peace. We want to learn. I love you. We want to succeed in our examinations. I want to be friends with you. So as love you because you love us.

With my best wishes,
Summer Mohammed


Dear Friends,

We are a group of 4 girls. We love the people of the world. We want to live in Peace.

I, Reem, I want to be a doctor. I, Aseel, I want to be a doctor. I, Halla, I want to be a doctor. I, Hadel, I want to be a doctor. I wish that I can visit U.S.A.

Good Luck,
Reem, 18 years old.
Aseel, 20 years old.
Halla, 19 years old.
Hadel, 20 years old.
We are love the people U.S.A. We hope go to U.S.A to meet to people and explain my feeling to you. Our hobbies listening the music and swimming. We hope becoming engineers. We are 18 years old. Our names Mary and Daniah.


Dear U.S.A. student,

We are friends, and we like them. We have two arms are peace and success. We know our feeling toward our country and we thank our feeling. Thank you and goodbye.

Huda Shakoor, 18 years old.



I send them my best wishes and I hope them the success and all the happiness to them and to them families.

Your close friends,
Wasnaa & Hanan

Call me please! We are 18 years old.


Dear U.S.A. children,

Hi. I’m from Baghdad. My name is Saba. I want to tell you I am very happy to speak with you. You can understand me. I hope to learn and I hope to live in peace.

Saba Ihsan, I am 18 years old.


Dear pupil of America,

.. We are Sara and Meas .. We are two pupils in Iraq .. We hope to live in peace .. and we want to learn only .. We love the people in America but we are against Bush.

Best wishes,
Sara and Meas

We are 17 years old. Thank you for your solidarity.


Dear American People:

Thank you very much to meeting’s. I love you the best people. My name is Kother. 18 years old. I am pupil. I want to live in peace. Do you think the Iraqi people not good? I refused all the war in the world. I love you peace.

Best Wishes,


Dear U.S.A. Student,

We are friends, and I love for love. This we are one that called for peace and no for war. Thanks for your feeling.

Raghed Salah Al-Deen, 18 years old.


Dear U.S.A. student,

I like your situation with us because together we have one aim – that we want peace and refuse the war in my country. I like to express my feeling towards America people – we love them but we hate America government, and in the end I thank you.

Marwa Ali, 18 years old


A letter for America’s students,

I’m Saja Waad. I love to say hello to all one who is my age. I’m 17 years old, and I’m Muslim and I’m love peace. I have friends in Palestine and Jordan and I love to have another in other country because I love communication with other people in all of the world. I hope you can understand me what I want to say. This idea very beautiful that we be friends. I really wish I have internet to talk with some friends in the world. My wish is to be a doctor in the future. Can you tell me your wish when you send a letter to me? I will be very proud if this idea will be successful.

With all my love,
Saja Waad Ali Al-Rubeay, 17 years.

Olive branch is a symbol of peace [drawing of an olive branch] we love peace


To Friends in U.S.A.,

I love people but I hate to the government (U.S.A.), and we love to be friend in school U.S.A. I hope to meet the people and I hope you can come to Iraq and visit us.

Thank you,
Hadeel Esam, 18 years old.


Dear American Student,

My name is Duha. I’m 18 years old. I love people America. I don’t want war. We want peace. I hope to live in peace. I’m very love pupil America and I want to see somebody and I want to say for somebody pupil America. I want to be in touch with you always. I hope to love for me so as you love me for love you.

Duha Ali


Dear Friend in U.S.A.,

My name is Surowr. I love you for people America. I wish to visit America and I help to people America and I wish Doctor to help the children for people.

Thank you,
Surowr Muhammad, 20 years old.


Dear American people,

I would like to tell you that I love the American students. I want to tell you everything about the education in Iraq. We are proud of ourselves and we don’t want war against our country. If you visit Iraq you saw that the Iraqi people are kindness and generosity. We hope to do this really to know your comment about us, how we are brave.

Finally, just we want that we live in peace and succeed in our examinations without war, and Iraq will be victorious.

note: I’m 18 years old.

Marwa Hashim


Al-A’adhmia Secondary School for Girls
Baghdad, Iraq
March 3, 2003

Dear American Student,

I am 17 years old. I want to tell you that everybody in Iraq love everybody in the world. Only my wish is to continue my studies.



Dear Friends,

We love you and want to see you and we hope all the world live in peace and love each other like the flowers in one garden in heaven. Please urge your government to let us live in peace.

Best wishes,

Somiea, Anfal, & Yasamin
we are 18 years old


Dear American Student,

I am 17 years old. I have beautiful family and we all want to live in peace, and I want to continue my study in the future. I wish to be an engineer.

Your Friend,


Dear America’s children,

My name is Muna Khalid. I love America’s people and children. I want to live in safety and the other people in Iraq. Iraqi people love America’s people because the Iraqi people love peace.

We love the world.


Dear American Students,

All the Iraqi people love American people … but we hate the war.

My name is Noor – 18 years old.

Thank you. Best wishes.

Dear America’s Students! –

My name is Rasha. I have (19) years old. I hope to live in safety. I hope to a good study. I want to thank you about your feeling. You are good people.

Best wishes,


Dear America’s students,

My name is Israa Adel. I am from Iraq. I have 19 years old. In the beginning I want to thank you about your feeling. So in the first I want to talk about my wishes. I want to be a doctor and I hope that my God help me.

I love all the world.

Israa Adel

“The name of God”


For All American people,

I’m Marwa. I’m 18 years old. I’m in sixth lesson. I have my dreams .. I hope to finish my studies. I want to be a doctor. I hope to learn more than that .. I have a large number of friends and I hope to find more. Do you like to be my friend? I love all who love the peace. I love all who love the Iraqi people .. If you want to be my friend then tell me when we meet ..

Your friend,

[drawing of a heart and flower] “We live in one world”
Love destroy the war


Dear pupils in U.S.,

I am Lubna Saad. I am seventeen years old. I am student in Al-Aadamya Secondary School for girls. I live near the school and I love watching TV, and specially the movies. I hope I will be a lawyer in the future and to travel to America and I want to told you something – when I get out my house in the night I saw the moon and I believe that all the people in the world would see it even in different times. So I wish that we all live in peace and visit each other. Thank you.

Lubna Saad