The Episcopal Church in Jerusalem & The Middle East The Diocese of Jerusalem

The Rt Revd Riah H Abu El-Assal

11 November 2004

To: a.. The Most Revd Rowan Williams Archbishop of Canterbury b.. The Most Revd Frank Tracy Griswold Presiding Bishop of ECUSA c.. The Most Revd Andrew Hutchinson Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada d.. The Most Revd Peter Carnley Primate of the Anglican Church of Australia e.. The Australian Board of Mission f.. The Revd Canon John L. Peterson Secretary General of the Anglican Consultative Council g.. The Revd Samuel Kobia General Secretary of the World Council of Churches h.. Mr Jeries Saleh Middle East Council of Churches i.. The Heads of Churches in Jerusalem

It is with tremendous grief and sadness that I inform you that the Israeli special police force entered St George’s Cathedral Close today without permission and took Mordechai Vanunu into custody. Approximately thirty officers, many with guns, entered the cathedral gardens and interrupted breakfast in the Pilgrim Guest House. It was a traumatic event that terrorized many of our tourists, pilgrims, and staff. In the 100 years of the cathedral’s history, such an event has never taken place.

Immediately I related how they have come into a sacred place, and that their guns were not welcome. The officers with guns withdrew to outside of the Cathedral Close; however, it came to my attention later, that at least one of the officers still carried a concealed weapon. This was after I had been reassured that all weapons had been removed from the church grounds. It is inconceivable why such force is mandated for procedures like today’s.

Mordechai was calm during the search, questioning the need for the interrogation, and they searched his room in his and my presence. They took his papers, laptop, and other possessions into custody. I called his lawyer, and he will meet Mordechai in Petah Tiqva.

This type of entry into a sacred space must not be tolerated by the churches throughout the world, and it must not be accepted by those who respect the rights and dignity of every person. We ask the government of Israel to stop such actions as these, and we call for the respect of sacred places in the Land of the Holy One. It is with extreme sadness and disappointment that I must write this letter, and please continue to pray for us in these difficult times.

Peace of God to all of you,

The Rt Revd Riah Abu El-Assal Bishop in Jerusalem


His Excellency, President Moshe Katsav Prime Minister Ariel Sharon