1. Learn from others, but think for yourself. (Use your mind and judgment.)
  2. Decide for yourself what is right or wrong. (Use your conscience.)
  3. Speak out for what you believe in. (Use your voice.)
  4. Stand up for what is right. (Use your power as an individual.)
  5. Set goals and be persistent in working for them. (Use your vision and determination.)
  6. Live by the Golden Rule. (Use your feelings as a point of reference.)
  7. Recognize the miracle that you are. (Be spiritually aware.)
  8. Never harm another miracle. (Be nonviolent.)
  9. Believe in yourself. (Be trustworthy, even to yourself.)
  10. Help others. (Be giving.)
  11. Be a citizen of the world. (Be inclusive and embrace all life.)
  12. Be a force for peace and justice. (Be courageous and committed.)