Simple Ways to Assure Your Legacy

Bequests – Have you made provisions in your will or revocable living trust to benefit the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation? Three popular options are to leave us a percentage of your estate after making provisions for family and friends; leave us a specified sum of money; or leave us a particular piece of property.  Learn more.

Retirement Plan or IRA Assets – Giving the balance of your retirement plan or IRA assets to charity may be the most efficient estate planning option. You can eliminate costly income and estate taxes, leaving more for family. Simply use the plan’s form to name the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation as the beneficiary.

Life Insurance – Do you have life insurance policies that are no longer needed? For example, maybe you purchased policies to provide for your young children who are now grown. To put them to use, consider donating the policies to us or naming us as beneficiary.

Gifts that Give Back

Charitable Remainder Trust – A CRT will pay you either a variable or fixed dollar amount—depending on whether you choose a unitrust or annuity trust, respectively—each year for the rest of your life from assets you place in a trust. After your lifetime, the balance in the trust goes to the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation. Plus, you are eligible for an immediate partial income tax deduction.

Charitable Gift Annuity – This is a simple contract in which you agree to make a donation of cash, stocks or other assets. In return, you (and someone else if you choose) receive a fixed dollar amount each year for the rest of your life, based on your age at the time of your gift. The older you are at the start, the higher the payment. Plus, you are eligible for an immediate partial income tax deduction.

Charitable Lead Trust – This charitable trust pays income to one or more charities, typically for a period of years, and then the remaining assets in the trust pass to noncharitable beneficiaries, such as family. Based on the circumstances, the type of property used and the intended beneficiaries, lead trusts can have significant estate or gift tax benefits.

Other Tax-Smart Gift Ideas

Real Estate – Donate your home, vacation home or farm now but continue to live in it. Through a retained life estate, you make a gift of your home while retaining the right to use and occupy the property during your lifetime. You realize an immediate income tax deduction for a portion of your property’s value.

Bank Accounts and CDs – Are you aware that you can name the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation as the “payable-on-death beneficiary” of your bank accounts (savings or checking) or on any certificates of deposit? Upon your death, the assets will pass directly to us without going through probate. Visit your bank and request to name a beneficiary on your accounts or CDs. You can change beneficiary designations any time you wish.


Information on this page is meant as a public service to provide general knowledge of giving opportunities, and is not intended as legal or tax advice. Professional legal and tax advice should always be sought. Please consult with your attorney, tax advisor or financial planner for assistance.

Donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. Federal Tax ID # 95-3825265.