On December 15, 2012, Beyond War announced that, with its broad focus and historical approach to seeking “a world beyond war,” it was no longer needed as an independent organization. It stated, “What is needed is for all organizations to embody the principles of living beyond war in their work, and to collaborate and consolidate in building the new systems in the culture of peace.”

Thus, Beyond War named three “legatees” to receive its assets and to carry on its mission. The legatees are:

Beyond War’s biggest legacy is bringing to consciousness the need for humanity to change its paradigm to one that understands and is based on the principles that:

  • War is Obsolete
  • We are One Interdependent Whole
  • The Means Are the Ends

The implications of these principles lead to personal practices of:

  • Maintaining a spirit of good will towards all (posing no enemies)
  • Resolving conflict without using violence
  • Working together with others to build the world that works for all.

The Beyond War Award legacy and the actual crystals now reside with the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation at our Santa Barbara office. If appropriate, we may decide to reestablish the award. In addition, we are housing and making available to the public Beyond War’s relevant hard copy archival assets, including the Breakthrough book and the newsletters On Beyond War and Timeline. Electronic copies of Timeline from 1998 through the 2005 final issue are available from the Foundation for Global Community.