When Paul K. Chappell, Director of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, visited the Dayton International Peace Museum in Dayton, Ohio, for a week’s worth of events, the museum made a request. Could Paul put down his thoughts about peace heroes that they could use in the spring campaign for their first annual peace heroes walk?

Paul wrote a 2,500 word essay now called “The Little Book of Peace Heroes” published on the museum’s website and soon to be available as a pamphlet to be distributed nationwide to schools and concerned organizations. Paul will also give a presentation at Dayton’s Neon Theatre on peace hero ideals to the museum’s peace hero team captains on Sunday, April 19.

Paul’s Dayton February events included the Wright State University Peace Club, a one day peace leadership training, lectures at Sinclair Community College and Wilmington College, and a peace leadership training for faculty and college staff from throughout the Dayton area.

“Paul is a skilled and knowledgeable presenter whose engaging style appeals to a broad audience,” said Museum Director Jerry Leggett. “His approachability and practical responses to tough questions played well with the university students and faculty who represented the largest percentage of his audience.”

Chappell will return to the Dayton area in late April for another series of events, including as featured speaker at a Regional Rotary Conference at the Hope Hotel in Dayton. The Hope Hotel, located at the No Pass Entrance to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, was the location for the Dayton Peace Accords that ended the 3 ½ year-long Bosnian War.