David KriegerThe brutality.

The children.

The deaths of civilians.

The dreams destroyed.

The hand-to-hand combat.

The herd mentality.

The high altitude bombing.

The horror.

The apathy.

The ignorance.

The indecency.

The jingoism.

The land mines.

The defoliants.

The lies. 

The long distance killing machines.

The loss of life.

The loss of limbs.

The loss of compassion.

The madness.

The manipulation.

The mothers.

The mushroom cloud.

The needless slaughter.

The patriotic songs.

The pious politicians.

The profiteers.

The propaganda.

The refugees.

The ruined lives.

The smart bombs.

The stereotyping.

The stupidity.

The suffering.

The suppression of reason.

The toll on our souls.

The trauma.

The medals dripping from the chests of generals.

The rewriting of history.

The waste, the terrible waste.