The Nuclear Age Peace Foundation is supported by small foundations and regular people from all walks of life, who give generously because they value our mission to educate and advocate for a peaceful world, one that is free of nuclear weapons. In turn, we work tirelessly and pursue projects and opportunities that we believe will best advance this vision, which is not only a beautiful aspiration for humanity, but an existential imperative of the 21st century.

We are pleased to acknowledge the following donors who have given generously and graciously in 2023, enabling NAPF to continue this critical work into its fifth decade and beyond. If you notice an error in the listing, please let us know immediately at, so that we may correct the record. We also gratefully acknowledge our in-kind donors and partners: La Casa de Maria and the Immaculate Heart Community, Richard Carter Photography, Milner Family Winery, and Music Academy.

$100,000 and up

Fire Monkey Fund, RSF Social Finance

The Estate of Carl J. Slawski

$10,000 and up

Prospect Hill Foundation

Hawes and Broadhead Foundation

Laurie Ashton and Lynn Sarko

Lush USA

$5,000 and up

Dr. and Mrs. Jimmy Hara

Joanne Dufour

Mary Becker

B’Anka Neder

Diandra de Morell Douglas

Jennifer Gross

$2,500 and up

Women of Color Advancing Peace and Security

Mr. Robert B. Laney

Dr. and Mrs. Glen and Lisa Wysel

Marina Lenney

Ms. Beverly Keever

Adelaide Gomer

Dr. and Mrs. Martin Helmann

Ploughshares Fund

Saga Foundation

$1,000 and up

Jill and Ron Dexter

Frank Arentowicz

Mr. and Mrs. Richard van Dellen

Mr. and Mrs. Mara & Dan Sweeney

Alex and Gina Ziegler

Sisters of St. Francis

Ms. Ann Bennett

Dr. Richard Appelbaum and Karen Shapiro

Grant Dyruff

Orman and Richelle Gaspar

Dr. and Mrs. David Krieger

Lanny and Holly Sherwin

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Tevenan

Mr. and Mrs. Darryl Ponicsan

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bucy

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Kelly

Mr. Gebb Turpin

Puffin Foundation Ltd.

$500 and up

Dr. Frank C. Bognar D.P.A.

Prof. Richard Falk and Prof. Hilal Elver

Rory Hand

Drs. Paul and Anne Ehrlich

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Terry Fernandez

Mr. Randy Ziglar

Mrs. Anne Towbes

Emlyn and Ivana Hughes

Richard Stenton

Wes Brickner

Allen Ansevin


Arising Fund

Glenn Wharton Harvey Molotch

Howard Eaton

Lois B. Phillips

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Pizzinat

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Charles

Mr. John Wyand

Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson

$250 and up

Mary Lynn and Mike Mallen

Glenn and Carrie Griffith

Ira Gottlieb

Jane and Bruce Defnet

Mr. Alan Shorb

Robert Ehrmann

Perie Longo

Joshua Ziarek

Monterey Peace and Justice Center

Morgan Peyton

Dr. Judith Lipton

Mrs. Dolores Tate-Mayeski

Professor Lisa Hajjar

Cynthia Lazaroff

Dr. and Mrs. Farzeen Nasri

John Grim

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Clare

Mr. and Mrs. John Mezoff

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Rubinstein

Mr. James Bennett

Mr. Masaaki Sakai

Mr. Ron Erlich

$100 and up

Mr. and Mrs. Roland F. Bryan

Michael Walsh

Ms. Sandy Jones

Jane Copelan

Matthew Spellberg

Barbara Morse

D.S. Anderson

Donna Coolidge

Dr. Gilbert Robledo

Dr. Michelle Asimov

Elena Pasquarella

Glen Anderson

Judy Brennan

Kathleen Moellenhoff

Lorin Peters

Mr. and Mrs. David and Jan Hartsough

Mr. and Mrs. James Robertson

Mr. Tom Lis

Mrs. Barbara Harris

Roger Bergman

Scott Fina

Susanne Friestedt

The Clemente Center

William Symonds

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Livingston

Dr. and Mrs. David Hall

Elisabeth Weber

Lisa & Terrence Sweeney

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Duda

Mr. Mark Pringle

Ms. Lesley Brill

The Rev. Dr. Richard C. Lief

Martin and Carla Gelbaum

Sangeeta Gautam

Julie Engelke

Bruce Berlow

Deborah Gunther

Eugenia Hoyne

Gary Bethea

Mr. and Mrs. Joel Fithian

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Ryan

Mrs. Glenda Paige

Ms. Paul Atkinson

Ms. Sally Warner-Arnett


Donna and Darwin Poulos

Dr. and Mrs. Jack and Aline Kultgen Jr.

Elena Rodriguez

Herbert Schulte

Jennifer Hughes

Joyce Birns

Maui Peace Action

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Vedder

Mr. and Mrs. Ron Fox

Mr. Ivan Gendzel

Mr. Paul Didier

Mr. Robert Rodgers

Mrs. Lillian Mathsen

Ms. Arawana Hayashi

Ms. Betty Little

Nancy Caponi

Randy Rydell Ph.D.

Rev. and Mrs. David Forden

Sandra Cambeilh

Susan Wright

Suzanna McDougal

Thomas Sopchak

$50 and up

The Honorable Lois Capps

Mr. Dawn Kimble

Claire Raffel

Diana Kubilos

Linda Krop

Mr. and Mrs. David Ekstrom

Sandra Svoboda

Sigrid Wright

Dr. and Mrs. Scott Storrie

Irene Stone

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Piltz

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Fisher

Mr. and Mrs. Lionel Blatchley

Mr. Harold Hill

Ms. Carol Ferre

Ms. Linda Bernson

Ms. MacGregor Eddy

Noel Stookey

Susan Abrahams

$15 and up

Daniel Shively

Diana Basehart

Annette Goena

Ms. Lucinda Long

Fredy Champagne

Rebecca Ryan

Steve Schatz

Melinda Ferguson

Ms. Vicki Stevenson

Hollis Jordan

Lynn Kelly

Michele Peppers

Mr. Gordon Stoppel

Nancy Martin

Steve Bagdanov

Bruce W. Radtke

Sheila Takeuchi

Leslie Thatcher

Boaz Allyn-Feuer

Kathleen Repole

Katya Bloom