I wish to take a moment to remember a great man, Blase Bonpane, who passed on April 8, 2019.  Despite his nearly 90 years on the planet, he left us too soon.  Yet his presence is still palpable.

He lived a life of meaning and decency.  He couldn’t abide injustice anywhere.  Where there was injustice, he was there to protest.  He always stood with the poor and downtrodden, using his powerful voice on their behalf, through his writing, his radio show, his organization (Office of the Americas), his speeches and his presence.

In 2006, the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation honored Blase with its Distinguished Peace Leadership Award.  In reality, he honored us by his presence.  From that time forward, he honored us further by serving on the Foundation’s Advisory Council.

Here are a few of his many powerful insights:

War: “It must be abolished if the planet is to have a future.”

Peace: “Children are the greatest argument for peace.”

Nuclear weapons: “Any individuals, groups or nations involved in plotting, planning or conspiring to conduct nuclear war must be declared the enemy of life on this planet.”

Lessons of history: “Empire does not learn; it just self-destructs.”

Thank you, Blase, for being an example for us all by your many efforts for a better, more decent and just humanity.

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