I’d like you to learn the skills to do something great in your life, to make a difference in the world by becoming a peace leader.  What could be a greater or more satisfying challenge than working to make the world more peaceful and just?

Leadership begins with thinking big, with having dreams and goals that are larger than one person can accomplish.  Nearly all important goals may seem like impossible dreams until someone comes along and dreams them.  Leadership requires a vision of a better future and at least a rough idea of a plan to achieve the vision.  It requires convincing others that the vision is worth pursuing and the plan makes sense.  Leadership is about moving people to action.  It is best accomplished by persuasion and by setting the right example for others.  Leadership has the power of mobilization.  

The Nuclear Age Peace Foundation (NAPF) Peace Leadership Program is organized and led by Paul Chappell.  Paul is a dynamic young leader who graduated from West Point in 2002 and served in the Army until 2009.  He is deeply committed to building a peaceful world and training new peace leaders.  He has written an important book, Will War Ever End? A Soldier’s Vision of Peace for the 21st Century (Weston, Connecticut: Ashoka Books, 2009).

NAPF Peace Leadership Program seeks to train people to be leaders working for a more just and peaceful world.  At the Foundation, we believe that each of us has leadership potential that can be developed and put into practice.  What does it take to become an effective peace leader?  First, a passion to change the world.  Second, a commitment to work toward the needed change.  Third, the ability to inspire others to join in the effort.  Finally and above all, leadership requires persistence.  

Achieving any great goal cannot be done overnight.  It takes hard work.  There will undoubtedly be obstacles that must be overcome.  Someone must hold the vision and inspire others by rolling up his or her sleeves and working to make progress.  Someone must lead.  Why not you?  

I encourage you to learn more about the Foundation’s Peace Leadership Program by signing up for the program and learning the skills that will allow you to contribute to creating a better world.  The world is waiting for you!