Anastasia Shakhidzhanova

Government, Development, and Outreach Coordinator

Anastasia Shakhidzhanova is the Government, Development, and Outreach Coordinator of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation. Anastasia is a senior at Columbia University studying Sustainable Development and a graduate of Sciences Po Paris where she majored in Political Humanities and International Finance and Trade. During her time as an intern at NAPF and with its youth initiative Reverse the Trend, she participated in a number of international disarmament conferences including the 2nd Meeting of States Parties to the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons in New York. She was selected as a US delegate to the G7 Youth Summit in Japan, where she co-delivered the youth statement to G7 leaders and participated in workshops and panels focused on eliminating nuclear weapons. Alongside her disarmament work, Anastasia is also passionate about climate change, food security, plastic pollution, and regenerative agriculture.