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Rick Wayman – President & CEO

Rick Wayman is President & CEO of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation. He served as NAPF’s Director of Programs & Operations from 2007-17, and as Deputy Director from 2018-19, before taking over as CEO in 2020.

Rick led NAPF’s recent change in vision and mission to reflect the complex realities of our world in 2020.

He has represented NAPF at the United Nations on many occasions, including the negotiations that led to the 2017 Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. As an active campaigner with the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN), he provided written and spoken testimony to government negotiators, strengthening the provisions of the treaty. ICAN received the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize for the campaign’s work on this vital treaty.

Rick met with Pope Francis during a Vatican conference on “Perspectives for a World Free From Nuclear Weapons and For Integral Disarmament.” He also led a coalition of over 100 global civil society organizations in support of the Republic of the Marshall Islands in their nuclear disarmament cases against the world’s nine nuclear-armed nations at the International Court of Justice and, separately, against the United States in U.S. Federal Court.

He has a Bachelor’s degree in International Business from Marquette University and a Master’s degree in Non-Profit Management and Political Advocacy from the School for International Training. He is an avid long-distance ocean swimmer during his free time in Santa Barbara, California, where he lives with his wife Ayda — a chef and food stylist — and their daughter Lulu.

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Select University Lectures

Columbia University

Marquette University

Naropa University

University of Arizona

University of California Santa Barbara

University of Rhode Island

University of San Diego

University of Utah

Xavier University



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Rick Wayman with the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize

Rick Wayman with ICAN’s 2017 Nobel Peace Prize. Photo by Ralf Schlesener.

Rick Wayman and Pope Francis

Rick Wayman with Pope Francis in November 2017.