1. Where are your internships offered?
Internships are currently available in Santa Barbara, California.

2. Exactly when does the position start and end?
Start and end dates can vary. The important point to remember is that the paid internships require a 10 week commitment. Most summer interns start in mid-June and work through mid-August. Start and end dates for internships during the school year usually coincide with the beginning and end of a quarter or semester. Volunteers can start at any time and stay as long as feasible.

3. Is housing and transportation provided?

No, we do not provide housing. Many interns in the past have consulted Santa Barbara City College’s housing list as a resource. Santa Barbara is a small city with a good public transportation system. Depending on where you live, a bike may suffice.

4. What does an intern do specifically?
Intern projects are customized depending on the individual’s interests and NAPF’s needs in four general programs areas: research, outreach, web development, fundraising and communications. All projects involve hands-on opportunities for the development of practical leadership skills, such as public speaking, discussion facilitation, writing, and event planning.

5. I need to make more money than what is offered with the paid internship. Do you have any ideas on how can I supplement this?
Some colleges and universities encourage independent student research projects and provide grants for these projects. The process of winning one of the grants can be extremely competitive, so be sure to get started early. Ask an advisor or faculty member at your school about such opportunities.

6. Can I take summer classes and do the full-time summer internship?
Yes, this internship is Monday through Friday 9a.m. to 5 p.m. if working full-time.

7. I am an international student, can I apply?
Yes, we have had international students as interns in the past and welcome the opportunity again. For paid internships, the applicant is responsible for securing all necessary visas. We are unable to assist applicants in securing a visa.

8. Does the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation offer internships in locations around the world?
No, the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation does not offer internships in locations outside of Santa Barbara at this time. Opportunities in other locations are available through other organizations. Check idealist.org for internship listings in your preferred area of focus.

9. Can I apply for more than one internship?
Yes. Please specify whether you are applying for a paid internship, a volunteer internship, or either.

10. In what format do you prefer applications?
We do not have a preference between applications that are emailed and applications that are sent by mail.

Further Questions:
Please direct all questions concerning internships to Rick Wayman, CEO, at rwayman [at] napf.org.